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Renegade System

Renegade System
Renegade System
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The Renegade Varsity™ uses your standard Olympic bars and plates to unleash a new set of multi-planar exercises that engage the entire body from the ground up.


The Renegade PRO™ uses your standard Olympic bar and plates to unleash a new set of multi-planar exercises that engage the entire body from the ground up.


The War Hammer Pro™, constructed of machined and anodized aluminun, offers styling that matches the Renegade Pro™.  It provides more ergonomic grip options for the end of an Olympic bar.


The War Hammer Varsity™ is made of steel and provides more grip options for the end of an Olympic bar when used with the Renegade System™.

The War Hammer Plus™ was designed to target the lower body. The longer shaft makes room for a standard squat pad to be added for comfort, and allows the bar to rest on the shoulder. Optional squat pad is NOT included.


The War Hammer Plus Pro is a lengthened version of the Pro model. This product has the same accessible grip options, but is also designed for lower-body exercises.


The War Hammer 360 features a fully rotating handle that enables new Purmotion Movement Patterns.

The Renegade Stand™ is used to keep the Olympic bar off of the floor, in order to make it easier to load weights. It also allows the user to comfortably lift the bar when heavly loaded for lower-body exercises.


The Clean-and-Jerk Attachment™ is another tool to use with the Renegade System™. This attachment fits on the end of an Olympic bar to facilitate total-body exercises.


The Wishbone™ Renegade Attachment is the clever combination of a squat attachment and the Purmotion Clean and Jerk Attachment. It is available with optional plate pegs for additional loading.

Adjustable Clean and Jerk PRO attachment for use with Renegade.

The Renegade with War Hammers Training System movement poster is a convenient training reference that is loaded with useful information. The poster covers the use of the War Hammer (short), the War Hammer Plus (long) and the War Hammer 360.  Handprint, footprint and body position are all critical components to ensure proper use.  These are covered in the introductory section of the poster and many times reiterated in the movement photos and descriptions.

The poster is conveniently organized from beginner level to an advanced degree of difficulty. Each of the exercises presented are tied back to the PurMotion Training Methodology using a color coded legend allowing you to ensure a balanced workout and in turn a balanced body.  A "Start" and a "Finish" picture is shown for each movement as well as concise written instructions.

The 24 x 36 inch poster is printed in full color on 100lb Gloss Book stock with an aqueous coating.

Donít forget the other Renegade movement poster featuring the Clean and Jerk and Wishbone attachments.


Showing: 17 products
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